Benefits & Features of a Virtual Assistant

By letting PA workstation focus on your compliance administration, that takes up your valuable time away from your clients. Providing support to your business that will enable you to focus on building relationships with your existing clients which means that you are more likely to attract new business.

Features of a Virtual Assistant

  • No National Insurance or Tax to pay
  • No overheads office, equipment, utility costs
  • No sickness , holiday, maternity pay
  • No training costs as self-development is my responsibility and vital to my business
  • Only pay for time used
  • Avoid unnecessary costs of lunch breaks, tea breaks etc
  • Able to work around you and not restricted 9 to 5
  • Communication through mobile, email, skype, phone and online collaboration.

 Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

 By outsourcing your administration the following will happen:

  • Raise your business profile
  • Spend time in building client relationship
  • No longer catch up with administration in the evenings or weekends
  • Concentrate on other developments of your business
  • Reduce your workload

PA Workstation can also provide temporary cover for when your employee is either away on holiday, sick leave or maternity cover.

Please call Gina to discuss your options  


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